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Labour's Yvette Cooper teams up with Tory Oliver Letwin.
Cross-party letter makes clear there is no majority for crashing out of the bloc.
A housing committee report said there should be 'funding available' for sprinklers in local authority blocks.
MPs said it was a 'scandal' firm won lucrative Big Ben contract.
A construction firm blasted by MPs after it was awarded a lucrative contract to refurbish Big Ben says it will never allow
The government’s decision to award the contract to refurbish Big Ben to a company forced to pay out for blacklisting workers
After advising the Prime Minister to repeatedly claim she would support the 'just about managing', Nick Timothy joins his campaign mate Sir Lynton Crosby in being handsomely rewarded for abject failure, far more than 'just about managing'. While Crosby was paid £85,000 per day for the disastrous campaign, Timothy has since left government and fallen into not one, but two jobs, writing for The Sun and the Daily Telegraph. If any ordinary person had performed as poorly in their job as these two did, they would not expect such extraordinary rewards.
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