Jack Kerouac

When I was 18, I bought F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night under the assumption that Fitzgerald had derived his title from a song by an Essex based Brit-pop band. I came to the conclusion that the author, like me, was a fan of Blur.
Benjamin remembers some of the books he has collected over the years. He recalls ordering books from catalogues - which are essentially the Amazon of the first half of the twentieth century - and waiting eagerly for their arrival.
Russell Brand is starting conversations, publicising the disillusionment of a nation and bringing people together, much like the and British New Wave movements of the 50s and 60s.
'On The Road' is the ultimate novel for the Beat Generation, with Jack Kerouac, and has weathered many attempts to bring
For over half a century the American movie industry has been reluctant to fund the quintessentially red white and blue road trip with conventional wisdom claiming the project was unfilmable.
I've read the book, I've read the books about the book, I've seen the movie adaptation, and now I have had the pleasure of seeing the holiest of holies of the Beat Generation - the original manuscript of Jack Kerouac's novel, On The Road.
As everybody knows, genes are something a family can’t help but share; and they can be a totally mixed bag. For some talented
"We all have multiple identities," says Tony Parsons when I ask him whether he feels more of an Englishman or a Londoner, "but I certainly feel like I'm both. But I also feel British.
Kristen Stewart may think it's not quite the right time to be shown on film, cavorting with two young men in a car. But producers
Kristen Stewart said she enjoyed scaring herself when filming some of the more risque scenes in new film On The Road. The