Jack Whitehall

By setting yourself goals in life you learn an incredible amount and you get a sense of fulfilment and pride. Even the journey getting there, the ups and the downs makes you feeling motivated and positive. There is a constant feeling of reward. Knowing you have believed in yourself enough to set yourself goals requires self-worth and along the way you gain many attributes including resilience, communication and team building qualities - life skills that are so important and the foundation to becoming a healthy, happy and productive individual.
Jack Whitehall, Lee Mack and Paul Whitehouse were all double winners at Thursday night's British Comedy Awards - with the
Here are our picks of tonight's viewing... British Comedy Awards - 9pm, Channel4 It's been a great year for British comedy
This is the toe-curlingly awkward moment when Jack Whitehall confronts Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell about sleeping
It might sometimes seem as if anyone with a public profile has a book out, but the best of them, will surely come from comedians. Why? Because those in this most egotistical of professions are used to talking about themselves, for one. And with a degree of honesty that is increasingly uncommon in risk-averse public life.
They're London's next generation of influentials. Ed O'Meara introduces the capital's hottest 5 under-5s. Kristabooboo Smith
Comedian Rob Auton has won this year's Dave Funniest Joke Of The Fringe Award. But how does his one-liner - and the other
Jack Whitehall is back on our TV screens in BBC Three's really rather good 'Bad Education', playing Alfie Wickers, 'the worst
Jack Whitehall is apparently hoping to play his own father on TV. The comedian's dad, Michael Whitehall, could see his 2007
Are we witnessing a return to the bad old days of British comedy? This week found the impressionist Rory Bremner criticising
“I am having a dry January," he told XFM. “I watched that film 'Flight' with Denzel Washington where he plays an alcoholic
Comedian Jack Whitehall is under pressure to stand down as presenter of a prize at the National Television Awards following
The Daily Mail has triggered a huge backlash on Twitter for “manufacturing” outrage over a Channel 4 comedy show in which
It may not have won Best Sitcom but The Thick Of It didn't go home empty handed with Peter Capaldi winning his second British Comedy Award, for Best TV Comedy Actor who in his speech went on to embarrass his daughter.
It was global news because a future queen was involved, but it received scorn because it was essentially a crap stunt. Before the tragic aspect of this story emerged, the newly crowned king of comedy Jack Whitehall tweeted "I mean sachsgate prank was crude but at least it was quite funny. That Australian Radio hoax call was rubbish. Hope those DJs get sacked".
As he's in the UK, David Beckham made sure he caught up with his (famous) mates last night as he headed out to London's Little
The 2012 British Comedy Awards took place in London on Wednesday night - and there were some surprise winners among the results
Year after year the winners aren't always the ones I would have predicted and this year I've decided to write my predictions down in this blog. Not for every category but for the ones I feel thoroughly deserve to win.
Whitehall at the NME Awards Whitehall has no doubt seen the backlash towards other tweeting comedians, such as Frankie Boyle
Singer James Blunt has been linked to a return to showbiz - in a TV SITCOM. Hugo Taylor from reality series Made In Chelsea