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There are enough fake stories doing the rounds to make celebrities sick to death...
Asians were definitely not well-represented at the Oscars, with Dev Patel being the sole Asian nominee in an acting category
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Conservative MP for Mid Worcestershire Nigel Huddleston posted a video of the explosion on Twitter with the message: "Anyone
A mysterious Chinese character is being shared millions of times online – despite the fact nobody quite knows what it means
Jackie Chan has spoken about his anguish over his son's arrest for drugs possession last week. The actor’s son Jaycee Chan
Jackie Chan has revealed his next ambition, to be “the Asian Robert De Niro, the next Dustin Hoffman”, now he’s giving up
The Asian Awards were born out of a simple vision; to create an event, which would honour only the very highest levels of achievement from within the worldwide Asian community; to create one of the most important events of its kind ever to be staged.
Brad Pitt is alive and well, despite a false report that he had died in a snowboarding accident. The Hollywood heartthrob
From Nick Clegg in goggles to Ken Livingstone in despair - via Jackie Chan holding a sign and Amy Poehler giving a sign - we