Jackie Kennedy

Natalie Portman makes an uncannily familiar Jackie Kennedy in the forthcoming biopic of the First Lady, for which the star
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For Landesman, Jackie Kennedy was "just a woman who'd lost her husband, and was covered with his blood" But his sympathy
Young Jack Kennedy and his beautiful, intelligent and cultured wife Jacqueline became in essence America's first Royal Family. They radiated the image of a new generation of the 'American Dream' where anything was possible. It was against this backdrop of hope and optimism for future, that this dark day in American history occurred. On that sunny Friday in Dallas, 50 years ago, time stood still.
Candidates have had to be tirelessly well-mannered friendly, interested and interesting, for a chance to get elected... possibly
Had she been alive today, Jackie Kennedy would be well into her twilight years, but would doubtlessly still be touted as
Mrs Jacqueline Kennedy, the former first lady, was admired for her style, grace and poise. Tapes recorded four months after
Jackie Kennedy criticised a host of world leaders including Martin Luther King, Charles de Gaulle and Indira Gandhi, the
Big groups are capitalising talents in such an extreme way that creativity might die.