Jacques Pauw

Sars and Julius Malema go way back.
The author of 'The President's Keepers' hits back at EFF leader Julius Malema.
EFF chair and A-List advocate-for-hire sends 'letter of demand' via social media to constitutional law expert.... A respected investigative journalist joins the dots.
The powers of the inspector-general of intelligence are clearly prescribed in law.
The state's approach to certain human rights has been inconsistent throughout the years.
The author of "The President's Keepers" says the SSA director-general should know that if he's arrested and charged, he has dirt to dish in open court.
"We have been having a problem for a long time."
Media Monitoring Africa has set up a legal defence fund for journalist Jacques Pauw.
SARS has "conceded the truth of the parts in the book it names in the application", the publisher said on Tuesday.
Colonel Reuben Govender summoned Pauw and Myburgh, who have exposed alleged state corruption.