James B. Comey

"The road to Trump's White House was paved with good intentions."
A news report details how Trump sought to keep Jeff Sessions from recusing himself from the Russia probe.
Trump’s relationship with the FBI has been extremely fractious since he took office, culminating in the sacking of Director
“There’s obviously collaboration. They’ve got to stop denying that.”
Just hours after the FBI announced that last week's politically motivated attack on members of Congress at a baseball practice
“Those were lies, plain and simple,” the former FBI boss said.
Another natural disaster, this time devastating fires in the Knysna area, displaced 10,000 people. The fall-out from Helen Zille's suspension continues to rage, while Julius Malema revealed more detail of state corruption.
Assurances to an incoming President that he was not under federal investigation. A President’s unprecedented request for
The former director makes his first public comments since US President Donald Trump fired him.
The president demanded loyalty at a one-on-one dinner at the White House and seemed to want the former FBI director to ask to keep his job.
The latest bombshell out of the White House in a week of epic leaks.
”I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”
The developments were a blow to White House efforts to tamp down interest in the Russia investigation as Trump and his staff
James Comey once disguised himself as a blue curtain in order to hide from Donald Trump. Do you need anything else? OK, here’s
“Discussion of Trump’s presidency ending before his four-year term is up is no longer an oppositional fantasy.”