James Brokenshire

'Right to rent' strategy said to encourage landlords to rent to tenants with 'British-sounding names'.
A sick and frail 92-year-old widow threatened with deportation, says she is "overwhelmed" to be allowed to stay in Britain
The government is enacting a tough crackdown on landlords who knowingly house illegal immigrants - that was previously condemned
International students in the UK will be banned from working while they are studying, and will be forced to leave when their
The parents of a little girl killed in a car accident have won their battle for their Zimbabwean relatives to gain visas
I have rarely felt so ashamed, or so angry. David Cameron, it seems, regards it as a "moral duty" to cut taxes - but not to save desperate migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean. By comparison, Marie Antoinette ("let them eat cake") was compassion incarnate.
The Tories and Ukip's "rather ugly noises" about immigrants are putting off Indian students from coming to Britain, Vince
Sixty universities and private colleges have been banned from sponsoring any new international students to enrol and study
David Cameron is said to be considering making the job of immigration minister a Cabinet-level position and handing it to
The government is unable to admit that there are different kinds of immigration: immigration that works for Britain and immigration that doesn't. For example, in his first speech, the new Immigration Minister James Brokenshire didn't seem to differentiate between a highly-skilled engineer coming to work in the UK, or postgraduate students carrying out research and low skilled migration.
Most members of the public are concerned about something. Maybe it's the environment, income inequality, the cost of childcare, creeping privatization of the NHS, unemployment, poverty, the punitive treatment of disability claimants, foodbanks, or the seemingly endless appetite of the British ruling elite for foreign military adventures.
Tory immigration minister James Brokenshire has been savaged by business groups for his "feeble and pathetic" speech as he
Wealthy people who want to employ cheap labour have unfairly benefited from migration, the new Conservative immigration minister
David Cameron and coalition ministers have now published a report on the impact of migration on British workers after a wave
Vince Cable is to hit out at Tory ministers for feeding "scare stories" about immigration in the latest coalition spat. The
The fragmentation of the EDL itself could... pose new threats to community safety and national security. Multiple splinter groups departing from the EDL's tactics could become more challenging for law enforcement to monitor, and could potentially be more violent.
The English Defence League (EDL) is exploiting concerns surrounding sex-grooming gangs to fuel its anti-Islam agenda, a university
The emergency services must be better prepared to tackle a lone gunman or Mumbai-style attack on the streets of Britain, ministers
Home Secretary Theresa May is to visit Jordan as part of the government's attempts to deport radical cleric Abu Qatada. Abu