James Goddard

The yellow vest protestor was given a suspended prison sentence and was banned from the area around parliament for five years.
The alleged incident is said to have happened in Manchester last month.
The group sang 'justice for the three and “shame on you' as officers surrounded them.
The 29-year-old "yellow vest" protester is accused of two counts of harassment.
"I swear to god when there’s no police around here, I’m going to take your head off your shoulders."
In the chaos of Brexit, it is both worrying and a possible harbinger of things to come that far right groups have been so eager and quick to capitalise on existing protest movements
Scotland Yard confirmed a man has been bailed until next month.
It will be difficult, and it will be protracted, but if we can convince Facebook and PayPal to be stricter in their application of bans, we can starve the network of funds they need to operate.