James May

Top Gear bosses have rejected claims that the show's India special was insulting, describing it instead as a "warts and all
In the wake of Michael Gove's proposal to build a new Royal Yacht for Her Majesty the Queen to mark the Diamond Jubilee comes a certain amount of chest thumping over how much the tub's going to cost us all. T
"It will have all the attitude of Top Gear, but on a full day out," explains Richard Hammond of the Top Gear Live show taking
Steve Coogan has spoken out against the presenters ofTop Gear, indulging in what he calls "three rich, middle-aged men laughing
Instead of hiring a talented American team to dream up a new motoring show inspired by the irreverence, fun and - well, yes - stupidity of the Top Gear we know and love, they plumped for a feeble facsimile. It could have been great. Instead, it's exactly the same, but delivered by three men who don't seem to get it, for an audience which seems similarly confused.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Stephen Fry has grumbled that he keeps being mistaken for Top Gear star James May. The actor, writer
The Top Gear production team have used their website to respond to complaints that the presenters were seen parking in disabled
Broadcaster and writer Stephen Fry has been voted the most popular person to have a pint with at a beer festival. Actor Oliver