James Purnell

From Heseltine to Churchill, the most explosive political strops in history.
Geoffrey Howe was Thatcher’s first Chancellor, and also the man the Iron Lady turned to take over as Foreign Secretary after
  The revelation, prompted by a long-standing Tory and media campaign for transparency, has brought about a day of criticism
The BBC is "racist" and discriminating against white, working class people for introducing targets to boost the diversity
An adaptive style of policymaking requires a different type of organization and outlook, one that looks outward and abroad, tolerates failure, and moves and learns quickly. An adaptive style won't triumph over policy substance. But in the fast-moving Internet age, it is its essential partner.
James Purnell's politics on welfare are simply poisonous; they will not save the welfare state but kill it stone dead. Labour should reject them if it really does love the welfare state and instead of decimating it rebuild it as something we can once again be proud of; rather than kill it with fake kindness.