James Webb Space Telescope

One of them sits right within the habitable zone where life could exist.
Researchers have discovered that a little-known exoplanet called K2-18b, could in fact be a “scaled up” version of Earth
NASA’s Hubble telescope has spotted something hurtling through our solar system that honestly feels more at home in a science
Astronomers are investigating whether a planet just 14 light years from Earth could support life. Critically, Wolf 1061c
The European Space Agency successfully landed a space craft on a comet last month - but it's not stopping there. In fact
Nasa, the European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency are currently building the James Webb Space Telescope, the
Astronomers have photographed what could be the most ancient galaxy ever spotted in the universe. The picture is said to
The consensus among scientists is that for a planet to be capable of harbouring life, it must have surface water and reside