Jamie Foxx

The story is refreshingly uncluttered, and the screenplay is packed full of great one liners, machismo grandstanding but also has a coarseness that reflects the unpalatable agendas of his antagonists. Tarantino is also on top of his game with the pen.
Tarantino has proved he's not afraid to take risks, or push the boundaries when demonstrating his artistry. In Django Unchained, Tarantino has undeniable created a vehicle to indulge in wild fantasy to such an excess, that he may need a stint in rehab to recover.
Some of the biggest names in pop music will pay tribute to Michael Jackson at a concert organised by his family. The star's
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Fearne Cotton will team up with Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx to co-host next month's Michael Jackson tribute
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Jamie Foxx has been named to host the Michael Jackson tribute concert planned for October in Cardiff