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Jamie Oliver was recently in the news after an Australian journalist asked him about his weight. But this begs the question: how does a celebrity chef lose or manage their weight?
If you think someone's put on a bit of weight it's never a good idea to mention it. If you haven't got anything nice to say
Jamie Oliver made a bank-busting find recently when builders renovating his latest restaurant found treasures worth £1.1m
A primary school which featured in a celebrity chef's television series about helping children eat more healthily have been
If Jamie Oliver wants to say that burgers should only be made from the 'finest cuts' of an animal, that's a matter of taste - literally. But when he scaremongers about perfectly safe food on national television, that's pretty slimy.
When I last met Seal he asked for my phone number as we concluded the interview. He never called, but given he met Heidi Klum shortly afterwards, I can hardly blame him. For languid-limbed supermodel has more of a ring to it than 5'3" redhead.
Devastated Jamie Oliver has sent his condolences to the family of a former protege, who has been found dead three months
To anyone who caught a train or a bus last year, it will come as no real surprise – David Nicholls' One Day has been officially
Perfect isn't constant. For some unfortunate women the desire for 'perfect' breasts has had tragic results. Ruptured French implants, leaking industrial silicone around the body is far from perfect.
Jamie Oliver has won the celebrity chef Christmas bestseller battle for the second consecutive year with Jamie's Great Britain