Well, let's have some women (not just men) involved in the creation of it, and then let an audience decide! It's not until we start using and distributing some of the findings of Stephen's report, and others, that anyone will take any notice, and change the status quo.
It was gracefully done, of course, but Helen Mirren definitely left nobody in the room unsure of her thoughts about director
"What's been amazing is that people who aren't natural Harry Potter fans, have been really sceptical, gone in ready to hate
Matthew Vaughn is set to direct the X-Men: First Class sequel. The British director will return to take control of the eagerly
Daniel Radcliffe turned the set of his upcoming horror film The Woman in Black into a family affair - he convinced director
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has said it feels "very natural" to be moving on in his acting career, away from the character
To celebrate the release of Helen Mirren’s political thriller The Debt, in cinemas September 30, The Huffington Post UK are