janey lee grace

Yes technically all synthetic chemicals must be rigorously tested and passed safe for use - but no-one can do the equation as to what happens when those chemicals interact with each other - when left in sunlight for example, and with other chemicals used in other personal care products or in cleaning, air freshening...the list goes on.
'Cultured Food for life - How to make and serve delicious probiotic foods for better health and wellness' by Donna Schwenk has been published by Hay House. It knocks on its head the understanding that pickles can be bad for us and that only raw and fresh is ever good when it comes to our veggies
Biological scientist Dr Hans-Peter Kubis, has found some shocking conclusions, In fact he says ' Having seen all the medical evidence, I don't touch soft drinks now' I'm determined to convince my kids!
Some of the tabloids last week declared that Britain is in the grip of a skin allergy 'epidemic' stating that millions of people are being exposed to toxic chemicals.