Janice Atkinson

A former Ukip MEP who was expelled from the party over allegations of fraud has thrown her support behind a new far-right
Local Ukip members in Kent have complained about how Nigel Farage and the party leadership parachuted in a new parliamentary
She's gone. Ukip expelled Janice Atkinson on Monday evening. The MEP was kicked out after her chief of staff was filmed apparently
Nigel Farage has said he has been "ruthless" with those in his party who have "stepped over the line," after an MEP and parliamentary
Nigel Farage has said that if it is true a high profile Ukip MEP attempted to falsify an expense claim then it would be "one
Ukip has removed the whip from MEP Janice Atkinson and axed her as a general election candidate "following allegations of
How could a man so widely praised for his "principles" play party political games and indulge in distracting political theatre at a time when we face some of the biggest global threats since the Cold War?
The husband of a Thai-born woman who was called a "ting tong" by a Ukip MEP has blasted the politician's apology and called
Ukip MEP Janice Atkinson has used an "outrageous" term for a Thai woman who is one of her constituents, calling her a "ting
You describe Nigel's statement as bigoted, racist and disgusting. Ms Bennett, why is it disgusting to want to have control over our borders, to choose the people we want in our country rather than an open door policy that does not discriminate against criminal gangs, people traffickers and child prostitution?