Japan Earthquake

Naraha town, near the tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant The tsunami-devastated Iwaki city in Fukushima
Japanese boat man gives a crash course in disaster management. Standing on the bridge of the Himawari (sunflower), the boat
But in the coastal town of Fukushima in Japan there is a massive, angry carbuncle on our planet that is leaking toxic pus into our oceans and if that's not bad enough, now there is a looming possibility that it's about to spill the rest of its detritus into our oceans and atmosphere.
The former boss of the Fukushima nuclear plant who risked radiation as he battled to bring the crisis under control after
Most of us consider our homes our safe place, but they can be the real enemies in an earthquake... With the Pakistan-Iran quake of 24 April at 7.8 magnitude killing 35 people and with 1000s of homes destroyed by the quake, the question of how to make buildings earthquake proof is a very important one.
Japan is struggling to find alternative sources of energy as anti-nuclear feeling grows Radiation continues to affect the
My decision to donate my marathon funds to Amnesty International was based on their excellent reputation, measurable progress and realistic goals. I believe they work to resolve human rights abuses effectively through campaigning for changes to legislation, administration and education.
Following the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, some areas of land close by have been declared
Japan is switching on its nuclear power production today in the face of large-scale protests involving thousands of people
London’s Shard is certainly a very tall building – but Japan’s Skytree dwarfs it. It’s the newest Tokyo landmark and stands