We are in for a choppy recovery, George Osborne will always tell us, before adding that his deficit reduction plan is the only way forward for UK's economy. I'd always had the view that this explanation cannot be right. Except I has found it difficult to oppose this argument without sounding like a deficit denier or of Ed Balls' school of thought.
For some elderly survivors of Japan's March earthquake and tsunami, comfort has come in the form of a small, white robotic
Yoshihiko Noda has become Japan's seventh prime minister in six years, inheriting a parliament racked by division, a sluggish
A man in Tokyo has created a unique tribute to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs by running a 21km route around the Japanese city
Japan's beleaguered Prime Minister Naoto Kan has announced his resignation, clearing the way for the country's sixth leader
Rating agency Moody's has cut Japan's long-term sovereign debt rating, citing concerns about the size of the country's deficit
They are out there, always, often the first people to reach. You have seen them feed malnourished children and starving people in the Horn of Africa.
China has begun sea trials of its latest piece of military hardware, a refitted Soviet aircraft carrier that has the potential
It's time to start listening--really listening--to nature. It's changing fast, and we don't know how longer much of it will be around. So get out there, and enjoy our natural world. It won't be a perfectly regulated sea dome, where the temperature is always 30 degrees, the sand is imported and the wave are modulated; it will be much, much better.
The UK motorcycle market is facing hard times; I talk to dealers when I borrow their bikes to road test and the consistent response when I ask how things are going is "Flat". So what can be done to revive sales in the UK?