Jazz Music

"As long as there are people, there will be jazz music – it can never die," according to the jazz legend.
Mrubata's first encounter with an instrument was in the 70s, when protests were rife.
“I was raised to understand that every month was Black History Month.”
“We need more songs, man. F***ing songs, not hooks.”
This week I was invited to an early, special-screening of the new Miles Davis biopic Miles Ahead, and came away feeling inspired by this film that focused not on his life, legacy or chronological narrative, but the story of just two crazy days in his life. It's everything we like to think a Rock n Roll music stars life is like 24-7.
Jazz pianist John Turville spotted this harmonica player performing Bach's Violin Concerto in A minor on the London Underground
You're at a wedding, in a restaurant or, incredibly, an actual jazz venue. A jazz band is playing. If you want them to like
I have very few "happy" family memories. The ones I do revolve around music and road trips with us all singing along to the likes of James Taylor. So when my dad passed away in 2012, I decided to make fantasy a reality and work with the same consummate players who played on those records.
The day I speak to Gregory Porter, he is reeling from the shock news of the death of fellow jazz musician and friend George
In the late 1980s British jazz boom, classically-trained pianist Rebello made his mark, finding himself in the company of players such as Steve Williamson and Courtney Pine. They and their cohorts redrew the benchmarks of jazz excellence with a virtuosity that silenced lesser players daring to call themselves jazz musicians.