jc thunder

My originally scheduled opponent for GPW was 'Dangerous' Damon Leigh. He could not make it as his wife went into labour shortly before the show - I am pleased to confirm that 'Dangerous' Daddy Leigh now has a beautiful baby girl - congratulations to you both! However it did leave JC Thunder with no opponent...
Sometimes I try to explain to people how serious wrestling is and how it should be appreciated on a higher level. Whilst they may see it as a simplistic form of pantomime entertainment I prefer to view it as an art form with many intrinsic and complex details that are far too high-brow for the average man.
So, I am now officially a professional wrestler again, in so much as I occasionally get paid to wrestle! I am genuinely happy to see my last few months of hard work starting to pay off. However, in both matches I didn't feel entirely comfortable and hope that this is just down to what we call in the industry 'ring rust'.
When you last left me I had just started to hit the wrestling training again and had visited a total of three wrestling schools - Future Force, Grand Pro Wrestling and Grapple. All three provided a great gateway back into the world of professional wrestling and Grapple has continued to be a frequent visit of mine. I am very much enjoying being a part of this up and coming promotion.
Before I get started with this a blog edition, a big thank you to Alex Jarvis who invited me to his firm's Corporate Box
By way of background, I have been a professional wrestler before. I wrestled for about 7 years in Great Britain, primarily by the name of JC Thunder. I wrestled for countless promotions in the UK, along with a few shows in the US and elsewhere in Europe, including one tour in Italy where I spent most of my time getting squashed by former WWE stars.