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The man set for the EU's top job has decried the vitriolic campaign against him by the British tabloid press, but said he
Here are the five things you need to know on Thursday 5 June 2014... 1) NEWARK SAYS 'NO' TO NIGEL The Newark by-election
The European Commission has called on Britain to raise taxes on higher value properties, build more houses, and consider
Tony Blair has urged pro-Europeans to accept the need for change in the wake of Ukip's election victory. The former prime
David Cameron has been accused of "blackmail" after he warned that Britain could leave the EU if a federalist becomes the
David Cameron has reportedly warned that Britain could leave the EU if Luxembourg ex-prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker becomes
Luxembourg's Prime Minster is warning that Europe's demons of war may be coming back. It's a small country, but Jean-Claude Juncker has a big voice. Until January, he was President of the Eurogroup that manages political aspects of the single currency. Juncker is worried about the disintegration of the Euro and the bad blood growing between north and south (resentful Germans bailing out irate Greeks and so forth).
The prime minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker, has warned Europe risks descending into a conflict similar to the