Jeanette Winterson

For a young Catholic girl just starting to explore her sexuality, Jeanette’s story of a lesbian growing up in Pentecostal England was nothing short of transformative
The Gap Of Time is Jeanette Winterson's 'cover version' of The Winter's Tale. In sympathy with Shakespeare's approach to source material, she gives it a considerable makeover.
A spokesman for animal-rights charity PETA told Huffington Post UK: “Jeanette Winterson makes a solid point about the horrors
It's time. I sit at my laptop and I have nothing to do but write. The house is clean, all commitments have been met; I am free to write. Steam rises from a cup of tea to my left; I pick it up, sip and stare at the screen...
The literati don't want new homes built in our countryside - Mark Piggott on why they're wrong Being a far-from successful
Everybody's familiar with the big literary names that line bookshelves in homes and libraries: Hemingway, Woolf, Fitzgerald