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From transitioning to training, origins to future, we've already pumped Impact star Moose for plenty of juicy details in
For a time, if you went along to UK independent wrestling shows it wasn't 'Ten', 'Delete', 'Yes' or 'What' chants you would have heard but rather the crowd in unison shouting 'Moose'.
The dust has settled on the landmark, unexpected and hugely exciting news that Impact Wretling, through its parent company Anthem Sports & Entertainment will be teaming with ITV to bring World of Sport (WOS) Wrestling back to our television screens for a series for the first time in 30 years!
Jeff Jarrett is one of the best known and most respected men in the whole wrestling industry. His family has wrestling in its genes and Jarrett as well as having an illustrious on-screen career with WWE and elsewhere has founded no less than two companies with international credentials...
Last before the interval was Nikki Storm against Mickie James. Nikki, garnering a fine reputation worldwide, worked hard
In a match recently on Challenge TV, you performed a rather daring stunt which has already been getting positive feedback
Over a year ago, we highlightedGlobal Force Wrestling as one to watch, citing its claim to be "the most fan-interactive and
For those that have been living under a rock, you should know that a new wrestling promotion named GFW is about to explode
Rocky Romero is a world-renowned and universally respected wrestling veteran. Having worked in his near twenty year career across Japan, Mexico and the US, he has recently been in the UK, stamping his authority all over the independent scene...
Absolutely, without a doubt. There are so many good companies out there and good wrestlers and the talent is stepping up. It's reflected in the audiences as well. I worked with Discovery wrestling in Scotland and that was a really good show, with 4-500 people in there and good production value.