Jennifer Ferguson

Cabinet has approved a bill which will remove the statute of limitations on prosecuting sexual assault.
This follows Jordaan's terse statement through his lawyers on Wednesday in which he said her claims were "unfounded" and her motives "deeply suspect".
Ferguson is currently touring South Africa, and has laid a charge against Safa boss Danny Jordaan for a rape she says happened more than 20 years ago.
This decision has come out after many months of discussions, legal advice and deep personal consideration,” she said.
"It has been deeply traumatic for my sons."
Many women came out in support of Ferguson, and three other women came forward saying they were also victims of the same man.
'They are faceless, and we are not certain of their allegations. For now, we will address Ms Ferguson and her allegations.' 
Another woman has come forward alleging that he tried to assault her.
A woman contacted Jennifer Ferguson and said the same thing happened to her.
"Abuses are happening in the highest offices all over."