Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are to divorce after ten years of marriage. The couple confirmed they had made the ‘difficult
Ben Affleck and his wife of nearly 10 years Jennifer Garner have been spotted out together in LA, amid reports that they
Jennifer Garner has spoken about her husband, Ben Affleck’s nude scene in the new film, ‘Gone Girl’, and made it clear she
No one knows Ben Affleck better than his wife Jennifer Garner, and she proves it with this pretty bang-on impersonation of
Good luck to Beyonce and Victoria Beckham with their campaign to ban the word "bossy" because it is so inherently offensive to women - but perhaps they're not going nearly far enough. There are a ton of other words out there that are highly demeaning to women. Ban 'em!
Long hours on set for months on end, screen smooches and steamy sex scenes... it's not surprising so many on-screen romances
Ben Affleck's glorious Awards Season continues, with his film 'Argo' picking up BAFTA's biggest prizes - Best Film, and Best
Please believe us when we say that we wouldn't normally dissolve into helpless chuckles when faced with the sight of two
Errrm, last time we checked Ben Affleck wasn't exactly skinny but he certainly wasn't this buff either. Someone has been
We've got some new celeb babies on the way, Cee Lo Green gets his belly out, Keith Lemon scoffs his face with popcorn, Mark
With every celebrity birth it seems that there's a story praising said famous mummies for getting their pre-pregnancy body
It's good to know that when they're not on the box or traipsing down a red carpet the inhabitants of celebville look just
Who dated Gwyn, then married a Jen? Selective celebrity do I know all the stars involved but I can't remember
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have named their new baby boy Samuel. Proud dad Ben announced via Facebook: "We are happy
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have welcomed their third child in Santa Monica, California according to reports in Us Weekly
Ben Affleck is celebrating the arrival of another man in his female-focused house after his wife Jennifer Garner gave birth
Is it just us or has Jennifer Garner been pregnant for oooh, at least two years? While the heavily pregnant actress waits
We're not sure exactly how long Jennifer Garner has left to go with her third pregnancy but from the pictures of her from
P Middy is back at work, Becks is in his kecks (again) and Simon Cowell takes it easy on his yacht (not that we're jel or
As the Black Eyed Peas once observed in their lyrical masterwork My Humps: "My lovely lady lumps, in the back and in the