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After being given the all clear from her tough battle with breast cancer, Jennifer Saunders turned her hand to helping other
Dawn French has revealed she and Jennifer Saunders are hoping to work together again soon. The pair, best known for their
Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton said the group had an "emotional" moment when they read the script of the musical based on
Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French plan to work together again - and the pair have even considered co-hosting a chat show
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Absolutely Fabulous creator and star Jennifer Saunders has confirmed the cult British comedy is heading for the French Riviera
Jennifer Saunders has fired a broadside against TV executives - saying the industry is full of interfering "idiots".
We did wonder quite what Jennifer Saunders was doing at Stella McCartney's Christmas party earlier this week, but now it
Let's imagine the point of this movie now, darling. The angle. Consider this, sweetheart: It's the recession. That awful thing making us more guilty when we spend spend spend. Eddie and Patsy are in a bad place because Eddie doesn't understand money
Prepare for beehives, Bolly and bubbles as new episodes of BBC comedy Absolutely Fabulous catapult degenerate duo Eddie and