Jenny Jones

Thirty new peerages were doled out today to a glittering array of party donors, former political advisers and MPs. Some are
They were comprehensively rejected by voters last year - and now they're heading for the House of Lords. Liberal Democrat
As people begin to earn money from a job, benefits are withdrawn, meaning that their net position is not very much better off. Here's where the Living Wage might help... I don't think paying the Living Wage can be compulsory. But this is a left wing campaign that Conservatives, including the Mayor of London and the Government, can and should support.
The murder of policewomen Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes has led to increasing calls for officers to be armed as routine - despite
The tragic deaths of two unarmed policewomen in Manchester yesterday will inevitably lead to calls from some quarters for on-duty police in the UK to be armed. But before we pursue such a course of action, we need a proper examination of the facts.
British police are facing questions over why there have been no convictions for female genital mutilation in the UK, after
High Olympic ideals of promoting sport and healthy living seem completely at odds with Big Macs, chicken nuggets, fries, sugar rich milkshakes and coke drinks. Yet brands such as McDonalds and Coca Cola, through sponsorship deals, will be the only food and soft-drink brands advertised at the London 2012 Games, at both game venues and through TV broadcasts to billions of worldwide viewers, including children.
I knew the issues surrounding GM food were controversial but never did I imagine that my taking part in a protest would induce such a backlash. Naive? Possibly. Bewildered? Definitely.
This year voter turnout was disappointingly low. Some blamed it on the rain but we need to look deeper for explanations about why so many people have lost faith in politics.
A Green Mayor, along with Greens elected on the London wide list vote (orange ballot paper) could make a huge difference to London and the UK. We will cut fares, invest in public transport and reduce traffic. We will improve green spaces and reduce pollution. We will make housing affordable and hold down rents. We will reduce the gap between rich and poor.