Jenny Jones

Mayor Boris Johnson was caught in a fiery exchange with Ken Livingstone on Wednesday night, accusing his Labour opponent
This week saw the first week of proper, intense campaigning in the London Mayoral election, with two high-profile hustings
Ken Livingstone released the details of his tax affairs on Thursday afternoon, having initially said he would only do so
The snap agreement by the four leading candidates to be London mayor to publish how much they pay in tax points to the increasing
With Boris Johnson as Mayor of London, I believe we would be gambling with the environmental wellbeing for future generations. The time for comedy interviews and PR stunt has ended, let's elect a Mayor ready to listen to people not big business.
Jenny Jones, the Green party mayoral candidate for London, came out of the first hustings in the election campaign on Tuesday
With just under a month to go until the 3rd of May, the campaign to become the next Mayor of London is hotting up. Boris
On Wednesday 4 April the London Green Party will host its second comedy fundraiser at the Leicester Square Theatre, headlined by Alistair McGowan and Scott Capurro. It will raise money for the forthcoming London elections, when I'm running for Mayor.
The Mayor of London has powers similar to a king, according to Boris Johnson. In an interview with the LondonLovesBusiness
We need to ask ourselves why successive governments have been willing to ignore public opinion on tuition fees-and seemingly go unpunished at the ballot box for going back on their word.