Jeremy Browne

Nick Clegg is guilty of "insipid moderation" and leading the party to disaster at the general election - according to one
These retiring MPs will be inspired by the likes of Ruth Kelly and James Purnell before them. All stepped down while still relatively young, having recognised that political comebacks here are few and far between. But what the likes of Kelly and Purnell have also shown is there is life away from the public eye, the media spotlight and well beyond the ruthless world of politics.
Former Lib Dem minister Jeremy Browne has announced he will quit parliament at the election in seven months time, leading
Former Lib Dem minister Jeremy Browne has aired his frustration at being constantly mistaken for a Tory - because he is posh
The Liberal Democrats have become pointless, one of the party’s most senior MPs has claimed. In a fresh attack on the direction
The decision by Lib Dem former minister Jeremy Browne to break with his party and urge Nick Clegg to support cutting taxes
A former Lib Dem minister has criticised Nick Clegg's flagship policy of pushing to increase the amount of money people can
Why has Britain become so obsessed with an item of clothing known as the niqab worn by a minority of women? In the last few weeks there has been an influx of media commentaries and heightened discourse on this issue.
Farron isn't convinced. "In the general election, you wouldn’t give [Ukip] a [TV debate] platform.. I mean the BNP were on
The left-wing of the Liberal Democrats has hit back at former minister Jeremy Browne, after he warned Nick Clegg not to get
Jeremy Browne, like Nick Clegg so many times before him, poses a false dichotomy when he says the Party must choose whether to be a party of protest or of Government. Liberal Democrats want the Party to be an effective Party Government, which upholds the principles it says it stands for, not to be hijacked by those seeking a mid-career boost...
The former Lib Dem minister that was unexpectedly sacked by Nick Clegg earlier this month has warned his party not to veer
The five things you need to know on Friday 18 October 2013... 1) BRITISH GAS JOINS THE LABOUR ELECTION CAMPAIGN Ok, fine
As you can see, David Cameron has made some brave decisions when it comes to diversity... SEE ALSO: David Cameron's Reshuffle
The state should back institutions such as schools, courthouses and immigration centres which require individuals to remove
Just a few weeks after the public outcry about Miley Cyrus 'twerking' in a 'nude' bikini at the MTV Video Awards the last two weeks have seen a similar public outcry gaining apace about the wearing - or more precisely the banning - of the face veil worn by Muslim women... In both settings it is interesting how gender has been played out, in particular the role of men within them.
Liberal Democrat Jeremy Browne's call for a national debate into banning the veil is yet another show of religious intolerance and disrespect for freedom of choice. Taking away the right for a Muslim woman who chooses to wear the face veil on her own accord is not giving anyone the freedom to choose how they practice their faith.
In the book 1984, the government watched the people. Now it’s the people watching the Government, thanks to Google’s Street
Amazed by the amount of blog posts about the potential ban on my Twitter feed today, I felt obliged to give into peer pressure and also write an opinion piece on it. However, I soon came to realise that many of these articles offered unsubstantiated points of view, had a predisposed bias for one side of the argument and failed to recognise the complexities and sensitivities surrounding the issue.
Pictures of women wearing the full-face veil were splashed across the front pages of national newspapers on Monday as politicians