Jeremy Clarkson suspended

But it now seems a matter of time before a television channel completely rebrands itself to become CLARKSON TV. OK, that's basically what Dave is now. But what would that channel look like? Probably something like this...
Jeremy Clarkson will not face any further action over the ‘fracas’ he was involved in with a producer on ‘Top Gear’, police
Jeremy Clarkson might have been sacked from ‘Top Gear’ but that doesn’t mean he won’t return to the BBC in the future, according
Jeremy Clarkson's contract with the BBC will not be renewed following his infamous 'fracas' with a 'Top Gear' producer, the
Jeremy Clarkson The Telegraph also claim a ‘well-placed source’ has told them that senior BBC executives have been wooing
Jeremy Clarkson has thanked fans for their support, after a petition set up to get him reinstated as the host of 'Top Gear
The fake tank arrives at the BBC The BBC insisted on Thursday that they would be giving no further comments about Jeremy’s
Jeremy Clarkson has branded the BBC “f***ing bastards” in an expletive-laden rant, following his suspension from ‘Top Gear
Clarkson's exit probably signals a moment to end the show. It's been going on long enough. The programme should go out in top gear; crash over a cliff. It should die a cowboy's death: in a hail of bullets with its boots on rather than limping on for years, sliding down the ratings until it's cancelled for lack of interest.
in the face, so it was amazing that people even bothered to begin a campaign for Clarkson's dismissal. It's a given. You're wasting your time and clogging up my Facebook news feed. IDIOTS!