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UPDATE: Paxman's Last Newsnight Sees Grand Inquisitor Take On Boris, Mandy And Michael Howard It was the pressing news story
Jeremy Paxman has shaved his FILF-y beard 147 days after its debut on Newsnight and, in doing so, lost the admiration of at least a third of the population. As the news broke, hundreds of spoons clattered into cereal bowls and thousands of tongues were burnt by spluttered tea...
And it's another bumper crop! Well, it has been quite the week. The week we celebrated Left Handers' Day, International Apostrophe
It's the pressing news story of the moment: Jeremy Paxman has grown a beard. Here it is: And here it is on several leading
Paxman trials new bearded look on Newsnight, trends on Twitter After sending Twitter into overdrive with his new facial hair
It's Jeremy Paxman, but not as we know him. The Newsnight host, famed for terrorising politicians with his trademark aggressive