Jeremy Piven

Anastasia Taneie said Piven pushed her up against a wall in a dark hallway as he grabbed her breasts and genitals
Ariane Bellamar says he 'forcefully fondled' her breasts on multiple occasions.
This article originally appeared on HuffPost. Read more on HuffPost A representative of Piven provided a statement on behalf
The boys are back in town... as movie star Vincent Chase brings his 'Entourage' to the big screen, for fresh romantic capers
As we prepare for the big screen version of 'Entourage' to arrive in our cinemas, let us think back for a minute over the
One of the stars of the highly-awaited 'Entourage' movie considers it a major achievement that the cast and crew of the hit
Jeremy Piven is a busy man on both sides of the Atlantic. Shortly to appear as Ari Gold in the forthcoming 'Entourage' film
We long for him to stomp along the corridors ranting and raving like a mad man. In a fit of uncontrollable rage, we want him to smash office equipment to bits as he humiliates and insults another of his employees. More than anything though, we hope for a few choice expletives to come out of his mouth.
Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) is back in therapy with his wife, but his rage has not deserted him The film, as well as all the