Jeremy Scott

A spring/summer trend for florals is about as unexpected as Kylie Jenner bringing out another lip kit. But Jeremy Scott actually
Lavish tributes from Conservative MPs, a ceremonial funeral and bellicose Daily Mail headlines calling out the disrespectful
A serving police officer who posted offensive messages online following Baroness Thatcher's death has resigned. Sergeant
With the world's sudden interest in sports, I thought it was a good time to drop the latest Jeremy Scott for adidas Originals line on you. This awesome AW12 collection is about to start hitting stores and (first releases are in August, the second lot arrive in October) and it's as out there as ever...
As Adidas throws in the towel and withdraws its proposed JS Roundhouse Mids following a race row, cast a backwards glance
This weekend I'm tracksuit shopping - old school Adidas tracksuit shopping, to be specific. I'm going all out for the classic three-stripe, totally man-made matching numbers that made such a lasting impression on me when the likes of Run DMC popularised them in the mid-1980s and have been sneaking into my wardrobe ever since.
Ever wondered where Jedward get their crazy trainers from, or the Tony the Tiger coats they bumbled about in on Celebrity Big Brother?