The island of Jersey is threatening to break its link with Britain in retaliation against the draconian proposal from Downing Street that Jersey might want to narrow the gap in its banking and tax regulations between what is technically legal and what is conventionally considered immoral and unfair.
A senior Jersey politician has called for the island to "be ready to become independent" in the wake of a slew of political
Downing Street is struggling to come up with an explanation for why David Cameron criticised Jimmy Carr's tax arrangements
Carlos Tevez is bad for football - I don't care how successful he or Manchester City are between now and June. The guy has stuck two fingers up to just about any of the footballing values that I hold dear.
Being the manager of Guernsey's national football team is more akin to managing an English county representative side than managing messers Terry, Rooney, Gerrard and co. That said, don't for one moment think there is any less passion or feeling involved.
While the following information isn't much of a secret or big strategic initiative, it sometimes seems like it is when you juxtapose it with what formula One is currently doing to promote itself.
One of Europe's most notorious drug dealers will "defend himself to the hilt" against a court order designed to stop him
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A 30-year-old man arrested over the murders of three adults and three children in Jersey is being questioned
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The last two victims of the Jersey massacre have been formally identified by police. Marta Dominika
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A man suspected of killing six people, including his wife and two young children, has been described