jessica ennis

Did I miss the collective time-travel mission back to the 1950s this week? I only ask because a glance at a choice selection of headlines from the past seven days certainly suggests so. Either that, or someone (a man, presumably) decided it was time to sweep all the advancements women have made over the past few decades under the proverbial carpet. (Swept by a woman in a gingham pinny and rollers, I sure hope.)
Jessica Ennis was labelled "fat" by a senior official at UK Athletics, according to her coach Toni Minichiello. A "high-ranking
Seventeen years as one of the UK's top trainers, this week I was faced yet again with a hopeful smile and literally the weight
Stella McCartney presented the Team GB kit for adidas today, which will be worn by all the athletes at the London 2012 Olympic
You'd have been forgiven for thinking The Sun had taken over the national press this week what with all the column inches devoted to British women's breasts... As thousands of women counted down the days and hours to discover the official line on the potential ticking time-bombs sitting within their bodies, arguments raged over whether it was fair the tax payer foot the bill for the removal of the PIP implants and in amongst it all we appeared to gloss over the more important issue at hand: why so many thousands of women, year after year, feel compelled to have surgery in the first place.
Move over Liv Tyler, there's an Olympic athlete lined up to take your place as Pantene's ambassador.
MPs have accused the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award of "ignoring women's achievements" in 2011 with its selection