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Men who wouldn't win a prize at Crufts feel entitled to judge the appearance of women and find them lacking, as if they've wilfully failed to conform to conventional standards of beauty out of spite. Men who might easily be mistaken for Dobby the House Elf, feel wronged when the office isn't staffed with eye candy of a standard they deem high enough.
Footballers are role models and we do not want a convicted rapist being idolised by children. However, how about the footballers who set fireworks off in their own bathroom, the footballers who are addicted to drink or drugs and the footballers who commit domestic violence?
Hopkins was instantly lambasted, with John Moule asking her: “You seem to have an opinion on almost everything. What’s your
CHED EVANS: The Mike Tyson Tweet That Landed Charlie Webster In Hypocrite Row 'Give Ched Evans My Love' A Convicted Rapist
Jessica Ennis-Hill has announced she wants her name removed from a stand at Sheffield United if the team re-sign convicted
With a number of sporting events taking place in the UK this summer, Ambius wanted to celebrate some of the top British athletes involved - in our own unique way... The 'plant art' was designed by students and teachers at the academy and have been made entirely out of natural plants and flowers.
Olympic champion Jessica Ennis-Hill has given birth to a baby boy. The 28-year-old, who won heptathlon gold at London 2012
Katie Summerhayes missed out on a Winter Olympic medal after a disastrous tumble in the freestyle skiing final. The teenager
Katie Summerhayes is one of Britain's brightest hopes at the Sochi Winter Olympics, where she will compete in the ski slopestyle
Writer and actor Lucy-Anne Holmes started the campaign in the wake of Jessica Ennis' incredible gold win at the 2012 Olympics, an amazing feat by anyone's standards and a rare opportunity for a woman to be recognized for sporting success in a world where newspaper sports pages are dominated by the boys.
Olympic heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis-Hill has announced she is pregnant and will miss this summer's Commonwealth Games
That the women are no less exceptional at what they do is clear and last week's event proved this beyond doubt. The women's game is as competitive as ever and they are just as fiercely dedicated to their sport as the men, if not more. Why then should they reap less?
Attraction. It's an odd thing, isn't it? Some people find Harry Styles attractive, for example, when he's plainly just a bell-end with the hair of a 1970s footballer. Heck, some people find me attractive (they do!) and I look like a testicle that someone has strategically shaved and drawn a frown onto.
Similarly to FTSE companies, sports governing bodies have been given until 2017, to make sure at least a quarter of board members are women, or see their funding cut. An objective that is likely to be missed as currently only 15 meet this target.
Once viewed as 'restrained' and 'unapproachable' it looks as though the London 2012 Olympics games has shifted the worlds
Jessica Ennis-Hill will not compete at the World Athletics Championships in Moscow, British Athletics has confirmed. The
The phrase 'Olympic legacy' has been reverberating around the ears of every British citizen, and by now it is beginning to make a bit of a racket. And as we arrive at the one year anniversary of what was an awe-inspiring event and survey the scene, everyday inhabitants of this fantastic island are forced to question the reality of said legacy.
Jessica Ennis-Hill insists she will only compete at next month's World Championships if she is fit enough to challenge for
With UEFA Women’s Euro 2013 in full swing, Marion Bartoli’s Wimbledon triumph still fresh in our minds and the first anniversary
Jessica Ennis has ditched the lycra and trainers for high-end couture in a new photoshoot. The Olympic gold medalist was