Canada is often known for its clean environment, respect for nature and the unkempt wilderness. This appreciation for all things natural has manifested itself in a specific outlet - diamonds.
While traveling David Sassoon and I had the chance to discuss his own forthcoming retrospective. David's clients have included... most women in the British Royal Family, including Princess Michael's wedding dress, and particularly Princess Di, for whom he made more than 70 dresses!
I'm a sucker for a bit of jewellery; a statement neckpiece, a sparkly ring (or ten), a vintage Rolex-that's just how I roll. My clothing goes from excessive to minimalist depending on my mood but my jewellery always tells a story, my story!
Kristina Goes West was founded in 2011 by Lithuanian-born Kristina Armonaitńó to provide an international platform for exclusive, handmade designs from the Baltic region.
I'm busy packing for Christmas in New York (woo!) at the mo so this is just a whole bundle of Christmas present fun with loads of stuff from some of my favourite brands and stores - more of a wish list than a shopping one - for you to have a quick nose at and for my friends and family to take 'inspiration' from...Cold, hard cash and Starbucks vouchers also accepted.
I find the easiest way to dress up an outfit quick is to add some edgy accessories and Manhattan-based siblings Giles and Brother specialise in my most favourite kind - understated statement jewellery.
Kelly Brook plus jewellery event (the Monica Vinader Boutique opening) equals super shiny times in London last night.
Fabergé has announced its first series of authentic Fabergé egg pendants in 90 years. The jewellery brand - a name synonymous