Jez Fielder

When the dustjacket of your autobiography reverses to present a large colour poster of your semi-naked self, you KNOW you're
The London sunshine had got far too samey for me. It was time for some proper rain. A last minute visit to Edinburgh was my only hope. Having sped around the venues getting customarily soaked and, like the local cheeseburgers, lightly battered, I offer you my gems of choice from the finest entertainment festival in the world.
Frost* are an extraordinary band. Part of their allure may be their commitment to hardly ever playing live. One expected to see Attenborough in attendance, such is the rarity of these creatures being on the stage together. It is, however, worth the wait...
With The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Heart back in the billboard album top 10, I started to wonder if there is a secret to rock n roll longevity. So I took my hair and my sunscreen along to this year's Ramblin' Man Fair to find out.
He coped admirably with the mix and allowed Lazuli's layered sonic tapestries and dynamic arrangements to thrive, accompanied by some delightfully theatrical lighting, befitting entirely the shifting moods of the pieces.
"Bloody Olympics lanes, it's bad enough without the extra million, it's going to be a total abortion, the whole thing, and the weather's shit," I said a few weeks ago.
Every time I have tried to talk about It Bites I have had to utilise the same gambit. "You know, from the 80's (then sings