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Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond hit out at "apologists" for Islamist terrorism who tried to blame Britain's intelligence
Jihadi John suspect Mohammed Emwazi was refused entered to Tanzania in 2009 because he was "very drunk," it has been reported
Allen Dart wrote: “You are a very deluded man! No matter how corrupt or failed society is it can NEVER be an excuse to decapitate
It is inevitable that the Western world is still recovering from the horrific images of British aid workers and American journalists being beheaded in orange jump suits, by a masked executioner with a London accent. But as difficult as it may be, there must be a genuine attempt in creating a nuanced approach to understand what leads individuals like Adebolajo and Emwazi to resort to such extreme measures.
Modern Britain has a problem with Islam. This may not come as much of a surprise to some readers. For many in Britain, Islam is considered an isolating force, and its followers are somehow externalised from British identity, regardless of their birthplace or what passport they hold...
As an LGBT person of faith, it is important to me to continuously build cohesion between the LGBT community and faith groups - and this extends to our campuses. It is not conducive for students who may wish to reconcile their LGBT identities with their faiths or are struggling with these two seemingly contradictory aspects of their identities to see the two groups at war with each other.
Westminster University has been accused of offering "appalling" protection to their students after two incidents on campus
'Jihadi John' as a boy growing up in Kensington Kuwait-born Londoner Emwazi had been pinpointed as a potential terrorist
The man identified as the Islamic State (IS) murderer "Jihadi John" emailed a journalist before he fled to begin his reign
Schoolteachers of the Islamic State militant 'Jihad John' have revealed he received 'anger therapy at school, and also confirmed