Jim Carrey

Viewers labelled him "rude" and "patronising" for a joke he made about the Bird Of Prey star's looks and talent.
Includes Jim Carrey beefing with Mussolini's granddaughter.
Kate Berlant once wanted to be Jim Carrey. Now, as an absurdist stand-up breaking into film and TV, she’ll settle for 'feminist icon'.
The actor offers his interpretation of “Christianity, Trump style”.
The actor’s White House portrait gives the devil his due.
The actor cast the two leaders in a “Let’s Make A Deal” scenario that’s no game.
He’s also given the Statue of Liberty a Trumpian makeover.
"The road to Trump's White House was paved with good intentions."
“Need your pipeline approved? Do it through Pruitt!”
Jim Carrey says his battle with depression is easing, as he opened up about his mental health battle.  The actor has revealed
Forget Batman v Superman it's all about Joker v Two-Face.
Brigid Sweetman is also claiming Jim violated the drug dealer liability act.
Jim Carrey’s lawyer has responded to a second lawsuit filed against the actor, in relation to the death of his ex-girlfriend
The accusations have been branded 'outrageous' and 'desperate'.
Jim Carrey’s lawyer has rubbished the latest accusations levelled against the actor, amid his current legal woes. Earlier