Jim O'Neill

Lord O'Neill, who was a minister in George Osborne's Treasury, urges Boris Johnson to give surplus government laptops to disadvantaged children.
'World trade - just when everybody’s trying to write it off - has actually risen sharply.'
The BRICs should set their local industries the challenge of coming up with the drugs and diagnostics that their citizens need. While the original vision for the BRIC countries in 2001 is on its way to becoming a reality, there is still so much potential to tap. The issue of AMR is one area amongst many, where these nations can lead the world. We hope they take this opportunity.
The Conservative Party suffered its first major set-back on Thursday in its promise to create a Northern Powerhouse. Transport
The degree of centralised control in the UK is dramatic compared to other major economies, whether developed or developing, and it doesn't seem obvious as to why this makes good economic sense for either those that live in different parts of the country nor the country as a whole.
Britain "should not be scared of leaving the European Union" as it could survive perfectly well on its own, top economists
With Israeli industry so well-placed to conduct trade with China, this has the potential to usher in a lucrative era for trade between the two countries. Moreover, the famed dynamism of Israeli business may prove the ideal springboard to join in the 'Growth 8's' increasing prosperity.