Jim White

In years to come, 1 September 2014 might be remembered as the day fans became as mad as hell and weren't going to take it
Projection of the beautiful game around the globe extends our sight, and thereby, our knowledge, our understanding and our love of the sport... catering for the needs of the approximated one billion people who viewed the 2014 World Cup final live.
As you read, I could be up in the Great British airspace aboard the Sky Sports News chopper, flying between a pair of trophy-winning clubs from last season. I'll be visiting different clubs across England and Wales, with 18 reporters on the ground delivering live updates from across the country...
Time is fast running out for British football clubs to do their business in the January transfer window with many desperate to find players who can transform their season. It's the time of year when managers are desperate to attract new talent, while others will go to great lengths to hang on to their star players.