Jimi Hendrix

Had he lived, today would have been Kurt Cobain’s 46th birthday. It’s hard to imagine the Nirvana frontman as a middle-aged
A snowy Saturday night in New Cross found Jason Holmes enjoying a post-gig chat with Simon Bartholomew of the Brand New Heavies
Jimi Hendrix: 42nd Anniversary Of Guitar Legend's Death (PICTURES) SEE ALSO: Andre 3000 As Jimi Hendrix, First Pictures Of
Today marks the 42nd year since the death of Jimi Hendrix. Aged 27 when he died, Hendrix hence became a member of the infamous
Eric Clapton is renowned for his great guitaring skills, with a catalogue of era-defining songs to his strings, including
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The first pictures of Outkast star Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix have been leaked from the set of rock biopic All Is By My Side
By emphasising their established long-term commitment to a better world for future generations and widening their sphere of interest, the Greens may have a brighter future than they think.
Oukast's André 3000 has been confirmed to portray rock legend Jimi Hendrix in John Ridley's upcoming biopic All Is By My
It's 18 years since his death, but Kurt Cobain continues to live on in the hearts and ears of millions. The Nirvana frontman
Whenever a famous singer or musician dies it's only a matter of time - occasionally even before the price of the artist's back catalogue has been jacked up on iTunes - until someone is marvelling at the thought of the dead star rocking out as part of some celestial supergroup in the afterlife.
Forget using pencils, paint or even iPads - to create truly stunning images, it appears all you need is some drawing pins
I have no idea what the longest ever Hendrix, or recorded rock band record is. All I can say is: the longest playing record I know is the one I am playing for you now - which has been me talking about music since 1963.
As far as the blues were concerned Jimmy Page had technique and angst but lacked heartfelt sadness. Eric Clapton too - despite his lengthy period on heroin, trying, he said, to find the true pain at the heart of the blues - never quite got there.
Over 40 years after Jimi Hendrix's tragic death in 1970, twins and regular Hendrix collaborators Tunde Ra and TaharQa Aleem (AKA the Ghetto Fighters) are promoting a new musical project that promises to bring all new tracks featuring the legendary guitar player to light after decades locked away in a vault.
Who needs awards and record sales? Rock and pop stars including Rihanna and Madonna have received a much tastier musical