Jimi Hendrix

Whenever a famous singer or musician dies it's only a matter of time - occasionally even before the price of the artist's back catalogue has been jacked up on iTunes - until someone is marvelling at the thought of the dead star rocking out as part of some celestial supergroup in the afterlife.
Forget using pencils, paint or even iPads - to create truly stunning images, it appears all you need is some drawing pins
I have no idea what the longest ever Hendrix, or recorded rock band record is. All I can say is: the longest playing record I know is the one I am playing for you now - which has been me talking about music since 1963.
As far as the blues were concerned Jimmy Page had technique and angst but lacked heartfelt sadness. Eric Clapton too - despite his lengthy period on heroin, trying, he said, to find the true pain at the heart of the blues - never quite got there.
Over 40 years after Jimi Hendrix's tragic death in 1970, twins and regular Hendrix collaborators Tunde Ra and TaharQa Aleem (AKA the Ghetto Fighters) are promoting a new musical project that promises to bring all new tracks featuring the legendary guitar player to light after decades locked away in a vault.
Who needs awards and record sales? Rock and pop stars including Rihanna and Madonna have received a much tastier musical