Jimmy Carr tax avoidance

The furore over Jimmy Carr's tax avoidance could spark a much-needed shakedown of standup comedy, Stewart Lee has said. The
Comedian Frankie Boyle came out fighting over his tax arrangements on Saturday after they were called into question. The
The basic rate of tax could be slashed by at least 2p if people paid more of what they owe, Danny Alexander has said. The
David Cameron has done his best to make many things fashionable since becoming PM. Who'd have thought it would be U-Turns that took off as the trend de jour? So of-the-moment, even comedians are adding them to their box of tricks. I'm sure this time last week the Labour-supporting Jimmy Carr didn't envisage himself becoming a poster-boy for the movement, but a few misplaced comments about tax avoidance can do that for a man.
Comedian Jimmy Carr faces a long road back to normality as his tax avoidance scandal carried on after he was heckled at a
Sir Chris Hoy has defended his tax arrangements after it was reported that he received a loan from his own company. Hoy, who
Imagine being Jimmy Carr right now, your face plastered all over the nation's media as public enemy number one, revealed as the latest in a rogue's gallery of greedy bastards who'd employed a tax avoidance scheme to ensure his tax burden was lighter than a fly's wing.
Although he'd never been a particularly political comedian, Jimmy Carr's role as a 10 O'Clock Live presenter moved him - whether he liked it or not, and presumably he did - into the realm of satire.
HMRC have said they are working to "ensure a level playing field for all taxpayers" after reports of a tax avoidance scheme
UPDATE: Jimmy Carr apologises for "error of judgement" over tax affairs According to The Times, Jimmy Carr is among thousands