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At least 500 victims as young as two were abused by the shamed television presenter Jimmy Savile during his reign as one
A second documentary is being planned by ITV to follow up its initial abuse claims about Jimmy Savile. The broadcaster's
Jimmy Savile's closest relatives spoke for the first time on Saturday, explaining their reasons for having the late TV presenter's
The Department of Health (DoH) has been dragged into the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal over its decision to appoint him to lead
A former Radio 1 DJ has described how she was routinely groped by another presenter as she was broadcasting. Liz Kershaw
Imagine if The Sun had printed an expose "Jimmy Savile is a Paedophile". Imagine it had taken the sworn word of several young women victims, gone against the legal advice (for it would have been No!) like the Daily Mail did over naming the Stephen Lawrence killers, and printed the sort of allegations that have been aired this week in the wake of ITV's brave documentary.
The weird, yodelling, late light entertainer is likewise being subjected to a post-mortem trial. He's accused of sexually assaulting girls, with everyone from ITV to the scandal-thirsty Twitterati pointing a massive collective finger at this man who cannot defend himself while yelling: "PAEDOPHILE."
A memorial plaque commemorating Jimmy Savile's old house in Scarborough has been targeted by vandals who daubed 'paedophile
When Jimmy Savile died, 4000 mourners packed the streets of Leeds to pay tribute to the showman. After 40 years in show business
Detailed testimonies of women who claim they were sexually abused by Sir Jimmy Savile when they were schoolgirls have been