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Jimmy Savile "would gratify himself sexually on BBC premises whenever the opportunity arose" and corporation staff missed
Tony Blackburn says he has been sacked by the BBC over his evidence to the Jimmy Savile sex abuse review. The veteran DJ
The report into the Jimmy Savile scandal is set to condemn the BBC's "deferential culture" for failing to prevent his sexual
The Crown Prosecution Service has been fined £200,000 after laptops containing videos of police interviews with sex assault
Louis Theroux has announced plans to make a new documentary about Jimmy Savile. READ MORE: Richard Littlejohn Comparing Labour
Tom Jones has opted for honesty over revisionism, telling a radio show he remembered Jimmy Savile as "a good man" who helped
I have heard many disturbing and harrowing accounts of child abuse since I asked that question in the House of Commons. It is impossible not to become deeply upset and angry when listening to them. When the death of Leon Brittan was announced, I worried that the justice system would no longer take its course and that the allegations would never be thoroughly investigated... The choice facing anyone who is presented with testimony of this kind is whether to pass it on to the authorities and urge them to investigate or to ignore it. I chose the first option. I felt it was my duty to do so.
Harris may be released from prison before he dies, but I would suggest his rehabilitation has much further to go if he doesn't recognise that the public sees him as a child abuser first and foremost. He was never much of an artist anyway and nobody wants to listen to a sex attacker smearing his victims.
Child abuse comes in many forms - from neglect to physical, online to sexual - and at the heart of tackling it lies a need to provide a loving and supportive environment for all children. Listening to them properly when they need to be heard and then helping to equip them with an understanding of abuse and develop resilience against it. Preventing abuse before it can take hold is how, together, we will end cruelty to children.
Alistair McGowan’s impersonation of Jimmy Savile was so uncanny in the first read-through of new play about the late DJ that