Jimmy Saville

Louis Theroux has spoken of his uncomfortable interviews with Jimmy Savile’s victims after failing to expose the entertainer
As a former soldier I hear about the military covenant all the time, amongst my friends and colleagues. Its powerful, it tells those who served their country, we care about you. For those who do not know what it is, I will enlighten you...
"This is exploiting the scandal for entertainment's sake.'
The BBC has been criticised for including a photograph of Jimmy Savile in a fictional drama about a controversial police
With hope, the Government's publication of the Savile reports will emphasise the importance - to children, adults working with children and those who may have suffered abuse in the past - of both listening and speaking out. No one should face the terrors of abuse alone.
The ‘I’m A Celebrity’ campmates were shown having a rather deep discussion during last night’s (Wednesday 26 November) show
Many of Jimmy Savile's victims were ignored or laughed at when they revealed at the time that he had sexually abused them
An alleged victim of veteran DJ Dave Lee Travis has told a court he pinned her up against a wall while presenting his Radio
It is very easy to be righteously disgusted by his behaviour, and feel ashamed that we didn't take notice of his victims, however, the death of Jimmy Saville two years ago and the revelations which followed, still leave many unanswered questions about our relationship to fame, and particularly how men react to such power.