Jimmy Wales

Crowdfunding is never as easy as people assume and finding a community who will support the project, financially, for the long term for altruistic rather than selfish reasons will be a challenge. And getting news up that enough people will want to read (rather than ought to) will be an even bigger challenge. Evidence-based journalism without an audience is an academic exercise. Evidence-based journalism with an audience would be a huge triumph.
The founder of Wikipedia accused David Cameron of ‚Äútechnological incompetence‚ÄĚ on Tuesday, telling the British Prime Minister
When considering the issue of regulating the Internet, we must not overlook the possible harmful implications of even seemingly minor regulation. Every governmental intervention carries with it limitation of personal rights, whether its primarily aim is to serve the governments' interests and control or even where it is limited solely to the legitimate purpose of protecting and serving the citizens themselves.
If people are afraid to upload information, share knowledge and tell others what is really happening because they worry that as they do so their presence and their words are being tracked, then we will know less in future. We know less because fear will hold people back.
One man in Sweden is responsible for more than 10% of the entire content of Wikipedia. Well, one man and his robot. The Wall
As they say, life, death and taxes is the one thing that we can be sure will affect us all and when we leave this blessed planet it would be amazing to exit knowing you've made a substantial mark on humanity. ..
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has just branched out into the phone business, becoming co-chair of the People's Operator, a
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has called on the government to change the rules of entrepreneur visas to encourage more technology
More than 160,000 people have signed a petition launched by the founder of internet encyclopaedia Wikipedia to block the
The founder of Wikipedia has thrown his support behind Richard O'Dwyer, a British student who is due to be extradited to